The Black Sheep Chronicle


Commentary on the on the oddities of the  Homo sapiens

As a member of the Ovis Aries species, my species and I have been unjustly slandered as the most dim-witted of Earth's creatures. This egregious attack on my species intelligence has prompted the creation of this site. It is my goal to document the daft, inane, inept, foolish and downright stupid behaviors of the human population. I shall post weekly commentary on a story or photo that truly demonstrates the intellectual shortcomings of the supposed top of the food chain. Join me, on my blog, in quest to exonerate the lowly little sheep and knock the king of stupidity of their high horse. You may laugh, you may cry but you will come to understand that my species can no longer be classified as among the Earth’s dumbest!

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As this is a new site, there will be lots of updates coming, real pics of me and such so stay tuned!

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